We are sure you must have seen all the people walking around in the game clips and wondered about them. Today we will be sharing more insight into the nature of the game’s population. Nine groups of people live in the City. They are all particular about how your business can provide a food service πŸ”πŸ₯‚ that matches their lifestyle.

For example, Students are more concerned with your burger’s price than how healthy or nutritious it is. Fit Ones care more about the burger’s quality than its relatively low cost.

Parents prefer a burger package with more sauces because they are all about value for money.πŸ› Environmentalists are wary of too much cheese and meat. They would pay more for a salad-filled burger that tastes great.

Tourists want more cheese, sauces, patty, and less salad in their burgers. Staff and Managers are impatient with queues.😠 To keep them satisfied, you have to do something about long lines at your burger stand.

Your ability to understand the primary needs of each group and provide burger services that meet those needs will play a massive role in your business’ survival. πŸ’°

That’s it for today. Catch you in 2 weeks…

Live Long and Prosper πŸ‘‹,
Kunal & the team