Every year since October 16, 1945, Governments, Businesses, NGOs, and Individuals come together globally to celebrate the founders’ day of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. This day has since been dubbed World Food Day 

The interesting thing to note about World Food Day is that it is not really about the FAO but about food and our actions to produce, transport, and consume it sustainably. The day’s primary focus is to celebrate the promotion of food security across the globe, especially in difficult times like the pandemic 

Why is this important? According to the FAO, Agri-food systems employ 1 billion people worldwide, more than any other economic sector. Agri-food systems are like ecosystems in that everything is connected but we need to make choices and actions that help them develop a better synergy. People from all walks of life, their livelihoods, our health and that of our planet need nurturing to thrive 

Young or old, individual or corporate, we all have a role to play in collectively building a sustainable future for everyone—our actions DO matter. 

This year, the theme for the day is Our actions are our future: better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and better life. Our action for the day at Visionaries is captured by revealing the first gameplay trailer for our upcoming food truck business game, Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation. 

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At Visionaries, we firmly believe that everyone can become a food hero in one way or another. Either by joining the food value chain on the production side or cutting down on food waste on the consumption side. Revealing the gameplay trailer on this special day is our way of raising awareness of the need for action and inviting more people to contribute to a sustainable future. 

Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation inspires players young and old to think about the powerful impact of successful food businesses on society. Following the theme for this year, the game promotes the concept of business heroes – food entrepreneurs who are also concerned about their business’s social and environmental impact alongside profits. The game also includes an ecological (plant based) gameplay mode that addresses important nutrition and environmental concerns. 

Good food should be accessible and easy to find, and the food truck has proven to be very successful in this regard. During the pandemic, food trucks increased accessibility to good food when restaurants were shut down or didn’t allow sit-ins. The food truck’s minimal start-up costs and flexibility are the main reasons why we chose to use its business model for the game. Both combine to present a lower barrier to entry for food entrepreneurs compared to traditional restaurants or franchises. 

As we celebrate #WorldFoodDay, we hope that the game inspires more food heroes around the globe and helps promote fair, sustainable, and inclusive collaboration along our food value chain from farm to table.