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Greetings, 👋

It’s another exciting update on our progress with Business Heroes. From retro tech to better vehicle management, we’ve got some gist for you!

So, grab a burger 🍔 and let’s get to it, shall we?


Say hello to the latest gadget in your arsenal – the NOTAKIA mobile phone! Since the era of snail mail 📭 is long gone, Master Lee is now sending your missions via text message.

But why this ancient phone, you ask? 😆

Master Lee’s wallet might be bursting at the seams, but he is as frugal as a penny pincher! He’d sooner count every grain in a rice sack than splurge on the latest model of anything. 🤦

This mobile phone 📱 is more than just a means of communication – it’s a testament to his legendary thriftiness.

Interactive buttons make reading the message a breeze, allowing you to easily scroll ⬆️⬇️, select, and exit.

Plus, Master Lee has hidden some secrets in there too! 😉

And when you’re done, the phone conveniently gets tucked away to the bottom left of your management screen.

Confirm Before You Upgrade ✅

Upgrading your vehicle just got safer. We’ve introduced a confirmation screen for the Upgrade Vehicle function.

No more accidental upgrades – we’ve got you covered.

Also, you’ll see a comparison of the old and new vehicle specs, helping you make the smartest upgrade choices.

Streamlined Vehicle Info Section ⚙️

Efficiency is critical, and that’s why we’ve combined the info section with the sell stand function.

Fewer tabs mean fewer clicks, optimizing your gameplay experience.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these new features! Reply to this email 📧 or chat with us on Discord. 💪

And that’s a wrap for today. Cheers 🥂

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Live Long and Prosper 👋,
Kunal & Team

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Greetings, 👋

It’s time for another update on our progress in creating Business Heroes. As usual, we are bringing all that behind-the-scenes goodness. 😋

Remember, your contributions and feedback are our secret recipe for success. Please keep them coming! 😍

You can reply to this email 📧 or chat with us on Discord. 💪

Trading Dev Hats for Branding Caps! 😉

For those who haven’t joined our Discord (seriously, get in there!), we donned our branding caps to change a portion of the game’s name.

The Food Truck Simulation phrase not only felt too serious and academic, but we also recognized the need to differentiate ourselves from other Food Truck Tycoon and Food Truck Simulator titles.

We wanted something that sufficiently conveyed feelings of fun, reward, and achievement to our players.

After burning through numerous creative suggestions, from playful puns like Business Heroes: Patty Party to outrageously hilarious names like Business Heroes: Blablabla (a personal favourite of mine), we identified the top choice after two polls.

And the new name is…drum roll please 🥁…

Business Heroes: Street Grub! 🎉🥳

Keep your eyes peeled for brand-new logos and such in the coming weeks. 😄

New City View UI 🗺️

We recently completed the City View UI, and we know you’d be itching to see it. Here is how the night time view looks with most of the features unresearched.

With many of the features researched:

Grow with Laz the Burger Boss 🎮

Laz isn’t just flipping burgers; he’s flipping fortunes! Catch his 10-minute business escapades on YouTube as he chases a crispy $250,000 goal in Business Heroes.

Watch him attempt to recover from a disastrous financial pickle in his last episode.🍔💸

YouTube player

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And that’s a wrap for today. Cheers 🥂

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Live Long and Prosper 👋,
Kunal & Team

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