Discover the impact of macroeconomics on your start-up. You will better understand how monetary and fiscal policy should help you position your business, manage your savings, and plan your expansions.

Utility Value

Gain clear insights into why most people would buy a burger instead of making one. Discover why people sometimes buy the more expensive version of two products with the same quality and branding.

Customer Segmentation

Discover why some businesses focus on creating better quality, higher-priced products for a smaller group of people and why this is sometimes more profitable than selling to the mass market at a lower price.

Product Pricing

While playing the game, you will discover all the hidden costs you need to include in your final product price to enable you to maximize profit.

Demand & Supply

Learn the intricate interdependence of demand and supply in the real world in a simple, fun, and engaging way. Discover how quantity can influence market pricing.

Product Development

Gain insights about how to think through your product development process, and how depending on a one-size-fits-all product recipe may lead to failure.


The game will help you think through your capital investment needs, make financial projections on the go, and quickly see the results of your decisions.


Discover the impact of marketing on your business and how to identify the best advertising opportunities and channels depending on your chosen market segment.

Staff Management

Learn how investing in your team keeps the staff happy and increases the performance of your business.

Crisis Management

Unexpected occurrences will undoubtedly hit your business. Learn to anticipate a crisis and turn economic situations to your advantage.

Inventory Management

Practice real-time inventory management and assess its impact on your profit or loss at the end of a trading period.


Engage in Game theory, price benchmarking, and competitive positioning in an attempt to win the largest share of your target market.