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Business Heroes™ awakens the entrepreneurial hero in you!

Business Heroes is a series of business simulation games, designed to stir up the entrepreneurial hero in you by immersing you in a world with plenty of business opportunities to explore. This in-depth series of business games will entertain you while exposing you to practical business management principles that will ultimately empower you to be an actual business hero. The first Business Heroes simulation game to be released is a food truck business.

Game brief

Take a bold step into the exciting food business market as an entrepreneur utilizing first-mover advantage in a city of your choice. Start small, with some initial capital to purchase a burger cart, sheer willpower, and pure perseverance.

Discover how to grow your business into a significant brand with a fleet of food trucks scattered across your city by conquering multiple challenges along the way. Encounter real-world business problems like how to make smart investments, inventory management, staffing, and customer segmentation while simultaneously developing strategies to tackle macroeconomic and unexpected challenges.

You won’t be alone though. Master Lee, a wise and successful entrepreneur, will always offer valuable tips and guidance that would lead you to great wealth and success.
Enter this thrilling and fun-filled world of turn-based gameplay. Make your best business decisions at night, like deciding how much you need to spend to reach your target audience, product pricing, and so on. Then watch the results of your choices unfold the next day. Learn to quickly adjust components of your plan during the day if things are not going well.

Please harbour no doubts, dear intending hero; this is going to be way more challenging and rewarding than just another tycoon game.


Richard Branson
The Heroes Club

Master Lee - Business Heroes Leader

Master Lee will be your mentor. During his career, he accumulated wealth and knowledge unmatched by anyone. Follow his wisdom and success will be yours.

Business Heroes Discord Server

Participating in the development of Business Heroes can make this an “awesomer” game you will enjoy.

Game features

Explore Over A Dozen Economies:
Choose to start in any of the capital cities of 15 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, and the USA with more countries to be added).

Realistic Price and Currency Simulation:
Prices and currency are simulated to match the real-life equivalents of your starting city.

Upgrade and Expand To 11 Locations:
Grow your business vehicle from a simple burger cart to a fancy food truck and expand to over 11 locations per city, selling to more people in busier and more profitable areas.

Market Segregation & Targeting:
As you grow, choose the most profitable target market for your business from seven customer segments and design your recipe to match their tastes and desires.

Near-Accurate City Weather Simulations:
Figure out how to work with the prevailing weather condition in your city. Discover the impact of changing weather on your sales.

Simulated Economic Conditions:
Monitor the economy of your city to know when it’s booming, in a depression, or recession. Decide your best pricing strategy based on these economic factors.

Surprise Mechanics:
Unanticipated occurrences, like an earthquake, stock market crash, trade war, or even a pandemic, could suddenly hit your city and either wipe out your demand or create a new window of opportunity for your business overnight.

Detailed Small Business Guide:
Gain valuable business insights from Master Lee and the help documentation attached to his lessons! You will need those lessons when launching a real-life food and beverage business.

1v1 matchmaking mode:
Play against your friends, and test your strategic insights and business acumen in the 1v1 online multiplayer mode.

Business concepts

Discover the impact of macroeconomics on your startup. You will acquire a better understanding of how monetary and fiscal policy should help you position your business, manage your savings, and plan your expansions.

Utility Value:
Gain clear insights into why most people would buy a burger instead of making one. Discover the exact phenomenon that causes people to buy the more expensive version of two products that share the same quality and similar branding.

Customer Segmentation:
Have you ever wondered why some businesses focus on creating better quality and higher-priced products for a smaller group of people? Learn in real-time, why, and how this is sometimes more profitable than focusing on selling to the mass market at a lower price.

Product Pricing:
Most people find it difficult to price their products and services appropriately. While playing the game, you will discover all the hidden costs you need to include in your final product price to enable you to maximize profit.

Demand & Supply:
Learn in a simple, fun, and engaging way, the intricate interdependence of demand and supply in the real-world. This game will teach you the principles that drive demand, how they affect pricing, and how quantity can influence market demand.

Product Development:
One daunting aspect of starting a real-world business is deciding what makes your product or service unique. Most of the biggest Food and Beverage brands you know today became famous because of their recipes. Gain insights about how to think through your product development process, and how depending on a one-size-fits-all product recipe may lead to failure

Another daunting aspect of starting a business is deciding how much you need to invest, and how much time it will take for you to make a profit. The game will help you think through your capital investment needs, make financial projections on the go, and quickly see the results of your decisions.

Advertising & Promotion:
Launching a great startup enterprise without investing in the right advertising tools and channels is like winking at someone in the dark. You are doing a good job, but they cannot see it. The game will help you discover how to strategically identify, and invest in, the best advertising tools for your chosen customer segment.

Staff Management:
This is the second most important pillar of any business after customer satisfaction. Learn how investing in your team keeps the staff happy and increases the performance of your business.

The aim is to be the most significant player in the market. Engage in Game theory, price benchmarking, and competitive positioning, in an attempt to win the largest share of your target market.

Forecasting & Inventory Management:
Practice real-time inventory management and materials forecasting, and assess its impact on your profit or loss at the end of a trading period. Raw materials prediction is an art form, discover the factors you need to consider while practising this art form.

Crisis Management:
Unexpected occurrences will undoubtedly hit your business, and you must respond. Acquire the mindset of anticipating a crisis and learn to turn negative economic situations to your advantage.