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Behind the game

Visionaries is an independent games studio aiming to inspire entrepreneurship, provide entertainment, and create a better world through business simulation games.

Short Description

Discover the joys of entrepreneurship as you manage and grow your own burger truck business in this delicious simulation game. Create the perfect burger for diverse customers, manage your finances, upgrade your business, overtake the competition and conquer the city!


+ “Easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay inspired by real-world business and marketing strategy
+ Experience unique business conditions based on varying weather, GDP, and raw material prices in over 12 real cities
+ Do business in the real-life currency of the city you are playing in and enjoy realistic price simulation
+ Upgrade your equipment and food trucks to serve and satisfy more customers
+ Expand your business to 7 Localities within each City
+ Target more profitable customers with a market segmentation strategy
+ Face and overcome simulated economic conditions that will test your business acumen
+ Keep an eye on your cash flow with a detailed financial reporting system
+ Compete against family and friends in multiplayer/1 v 1 matchmaking mode



Business Heroes PC Management Game
Find the perfect recipe for your customer segment
Business Heroes Video Game Screenshot
Ensure your employees are well trained and cared for.
Street Corner Burger Truck Management
Happy customers increase you brand and reach
Business Heroes PC Business Simulation Game Screenshot
Keep improving your stand to get more customers
Long Burger Queue Business Heroes Food Truck Simulation
No body knows how long the queue can get!
Business Heroes Game Play
Dark Version for accessibility and dark theme lovers.


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Long Description

Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation is a burger truck business management and strategy game. Dive into the shoes of an ambitious food truck entrepreneur and grow your food truck empire. Start from a single stand operation and grow to a whole network of exotic food trucks scattered across the city. Managing and growing your company will demand that you keep an eye on many aspects of your business.

Create: Creating the perfect burger recipe with the right pricing for diverse customers won’t come easy. Your customers will consist of 8 groups of people. They all have different attributes that determine their eating preferences and what they can afford.

Market: What’s the point of creating the perfect burger recipe if no one knows you exist? A solid marketing campaign is a fantastic way to attract potential buyers.

Manage: Whether it’s for your inventory, finances, or employees, you’d need to have your manager’s hat firmly screwed on to be successful. You’d find out that there’s nothing more frustrating than closing shop on a busy day because you are out of stock or running out of money when you need to pay an outstanding loan to the bank. Keep your employees smiling by paying them well and throwing in bonuses and training that improves their skills.

Upgrade: Want to entertain your customers while they wait in line? Buy a LED TV screen with an additional Surround Sound system. Want more storage capacity for your inventory? Upgrade your stand to a better one. While at it, don’t forget to make investments that reduce the impact of adverse weather on your business. What won’t you do to keep your customers satisfied, right?

Expand: Spread your tentacles wider and expand your business to cover 7 locations in the city. Each locality has a unique population mix and cost of doing business.

Respond: A celebrity might share your business on social media, a motor accident might happen at one of your business locations, or the supply-demand balance might change overnight. Responding to these events and changing economic conditions will certainly keep you on your toes.

You will make most of your business decisions at night and watch the result of your choices unfold during the day.

The game features a detailed financial reports section that puts you firmly in charge of your cash flow. You can instantly generate important financial statements, such as Income and Expense, Cashflow, and Balance Sheet for your business. To enhance decision making, critical information is displayed in figures and as graphs/charts.

Business Heroes: Food Truck Simulation also includes a multiplayer/1v1 matchmaking mode where you can pit your strategic thinking against family and friends.