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Here’s your brief round-up of what we’ve been working on.

We continued working on the weather system and how it appears when it rains/snows. Because of the role weather plays in the game (it affects the outdoor population size and their mood), it was important to get the water puddles and snow to look perfect when they settle on the ground.

It was a bit tricky, but we ended up re-slicing all the city locations to get it to look just right.

It looks pretty good now though.

Catch up in 2 weeks…

Live Long and Prosper 👋,
Kunal & the team

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9 July 2021

In-game music 🎼

Hello 😁,

This week, we spent some time implementing the game’s music and audio effects. Created by genius music composer David Hollandsworth, the game’s music is a unique blend of uplifting and relaxing tunes. Uplifting to help you feel inspired, motivated, and optimistic while growing your business and relaxing to put you in a chill, calm, and mellow state of mind.

David’s music has been used across many channels like CBS, Discovery, Animal Planet, VH1, NBC Sports, History Channel, etc. He didn’t fail to add his touch of brilliance to the game.

Enjoy these two samples:

Positively Yes


Till next week!

Live long and prosper,
Kunal and the team.

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