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Hello, 👋

We are back again with your regular update on our development journey. While we continued polishing the events system, we also spent some time implementing the recipe section.

The recipe section is where you craft your magic burger formula for various tastes and wallets in the city. It works like a kitchen without the heat of cooking, It’s up to you to decide the burger recipe and pricing for your food stand.

Your burger recipe has five ingredients with a minimum and maximum amount you can include in your burger:

: 100g – 300g per burger.

Tomato slices: 0 – 5 slices per burger.

Lettuce leaves: 0 – 5 leaves per burger.

Cheese slices: 0 – 5 slices per burger.

Sauce: 0 – 3 sachets per burger.

Your ultimate goal is to discover the perfect combination of ingredients and price for every customer group in the city. This isn’t as straightforward as you might think. The city’s population has nine customer groups.

Each group is particular about how your business can provide a food service that matches their lifestyle.

For example, Students mainly prefer a cheap burger than one that is healthy or nutritious and expensive. Fit Ones on the other hand, care more about the burger’s quality than it being relatively low cost.

After customers buy your burger, they give you feedback immediately about different aspects of your business.

If your recipe and price perfectly match their taste and wallet, you get a perfect recipe and perfect price feedback. If not, you get negative feedback, and you can adjust your recipe accordingly.

That’s all for today. Cheers 🥂.

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Hello, 👋

Welcome to today’s edition of our activity round-up for the last two weeks. We’ve been implementing the event system in the game and we are excited to show you how it is looking.

You can think of the game’s events system like the news media in real life. It informs you of all local and global activities or occurrences that impact your business.

The news section pops up whenever news breaks, and you can select your preferred news channel from three choices to get the latest news.

The news can directly affect your business or create a window of opportunity for you to capitalize on.

For instance, your business might go viral on social media overnight, causing an influx of new customers to your food truck. Or massive floods across the country could destroy farms and drive the price of tomatoes in the city sky-high.

You will encounter a wide range of events as you grow, and while the effect of most news is temporary, a few result in permanent changes to your business.

Often unexpected and beyond your control, news events could throw you a lifeline your business desperately needs or derail your best-laid plans. But managing unexpected conditions is the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs, right?

Brace yourself. This journey to becoming the next Business Hero will undoubtedly test your ability to handle unanticipated events.

That’s it for today. Cheers🥂.

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Live Long and Prosper 👋,
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