Faisal Imran (Lead)

Fahad Saleem

Aqsa Zia (QA)

Game Art Designers

Babrus Khan (Lead)

Sehar Arshad Khan

Komal Khan

Ali Raza

Project Manager

Waleed Hassan

Music Composer

Business Heroes Music Composer

David Hollandsworth

David is keyboardist and composer of production music. His music has been used on Bravo, VH1, Animal Planet, CBS, Discovery, The CW, Oxygen, and many others.


Character Artist

Business Heroes Character Artist

Xi Ding

Xi is a caricature artist and a character designer specialized in face design. He was born and grew up in China, now lives and works in Vienna.



Business Heroes Researcher

Akshay Unmar

Akshay is a recent graduate from the University of Manitoba. Based in Winnipeg – one of the coldest cities on earth, he spends most of his winter inside watching documentaries.


Business Heroes Game Director

Kunal Oogorah

Kunal, like many of us, he spent his days and nights playing video games. His parents always nagged; “IS THIS WHAT YOU WILL DO IN LIFE?”. Now, he can confidently answer, YES! .