This week, we sat down with the host of Indie Pod: An Indie Games Podcast in an exclusive interview. We talked about our journey making business simulation games for PC and the lessons we’ve learned developing Business Heroes.

Indie pod is a weekly podcast about Indie Games and their creators.

In this episode, we discussed the evolution of business management and strategy simulation games over the years and the experience we wanted you to have while playing Business Heroes.

You also get to hear more about how gaming influenced our journey (including how someone crashed their dad’s car after playing Need for Speed: Underground πŸ˜‚) and how our Studio, Visionaries, operates.

Finally, we talk about our plans for other business simulation games for PC and how we intend to contribute to gaming by providing rich entertainment embedded with several real-world entrepreneurial practices.

You can listen to theΒ full episode here.

After listening, the whole team would love to hear your thoughts, so please drop your comments in the discussions. We’d be looking out for it. πŸ˜‰

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