Welcome to our very first progress update of the year! We are glad to be back at it and excited to show you what we’ve been doing. We started implementing the food truck financial reports section. Have a look.

Financial Reports πŸ“ƒ

The financials section serves as your automated accounting system. It comes fitted with the main financial components of a real-world business to help you stay on top of your business. 🧐

The design for the date navigation system is still in progress, so keep your eyes on every other thing and pretend the odd looking, dark blue buttons don’t exist for now. 😁

Single-player 🎲

Tracking income, expenses, profit, and other line items over specified periods in single player is a breeze with the system.
Single Player Financial Reports

Multiplayer 🎲🎲

After successfully deploying it for single-player in December, we resumed the year by integrating the financial system into multiplayer and fixing all the inevitable accounting bugs.

Financial Reports in Multiplayer

During the integration, amongst other things, we ensured that:

  • All the correct financial models are updated during the business day so that accounting always tallies whenever you check it.
  • All data values relating to your business’s financial history (Today, Year-to-date, Lifetime, etc.) get updated with each sale.
  • The system updates the Day, Month, and Year financial views with each sale.

Performance Testing πŸ₯ŠπŸŒŸ

With that done, we proceeded to test data performance across many days to ensure optimum speed for generating financial reports under different conditions.

1,000 days: 6 stands test.
Food Truck Financial Reports Testing

Result: The speed is great. 😎 There are no noticeable delays in report generation after interaction with the date navigation system.

10,000 days: 10 stands test.

We wanted to push the system to the limits and see if everything still works with days of more than 27 years and a data history of 10 stands.

Result: We could make the speed a little better. πŸ€”The interaction with the date navigation system felt a little bit slower but generally, it’s not bad for data of such size (80 Mb).

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The entire team and I wish you an extremely productive 2022. We certainly look forward to a fantastic time together this year.

Live Long and Prosper πŸ‘‹,
Team Visionaries.