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It’s great to catch up with you again. Today’s episode is about the drinks inventory system and how it differs from the burger inventory management system.

The drinks on offer in the game are a combination of water, soda, and juice. They serve as a complementary product that your business may sell to customers to increase revenue.

The inventory management for drinks works nearly the same way as that for burgers:

Stock (Total) – Shows the amount of drinks you have left in stock and your new total (in brackets) after you make an order.

Next Day’s Purchase Order – Where you order more drinks for the next business day.

Drinks Counter – Shows the total number of drinks in your inventory.

Daily Cost and Excess Loss – Daily cost is the amount your next day’s order costs. Excess loss is the cost of all wasted drinks.

Storage Capacity – The green bar represents how much storage your drink stock has used up and how much you have left.

Unlike burgers, however, drinks are not your business’s primary product. They require your food truck to be equipped with a cooler box or fridge before you can sell them.

Depending on the type you own, you can equip your food truck with a cooler box or fridge by going to the add-ons section (where all the equipment upgrades are for your food truck are).

Side note: Upgrades that have the padlock symbol on them indicate that they are not compatible with your food truck.

After equipping your food truck with a means of cold storage, you can begin to sell drinks to your customers. Notice in the image above that some fridges also increase the shelf life of burgers and ingredients.

Be sure to keep an eye on your storage consumption, though. Drinks ordered after your cold storage is at full capacity will go to waste. And we certainly do not want that. 😉

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