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Welcome to the latest edition of your updates on our progress. We’ve been working extensively on the game’s Missions system over the last few weeks, and we can’t wait to show you how it’s looking very soon.

Today, you’d discover how locations affect your food truck business. Few things will impact the survival and growth of your food truck business as picking the right location. There are seven locations in the city, and you can see them all below on the map.

Hovering over each location describes the location and hints at the kind of customers to expect there. Each location has a unique mix of customer groups, a limited number of stand spots, and cost of doing business.

The city brief provides a summary of these three aspects of each location.

In the early stages of your business, when you can only afford a Burger Bike and are still cash-strapped, you will need to pick a location with a customer mix and cost of doing business that’s favorable to you.

For instance, a location like Park Central might not be the best place to start your business. It has a higher daily permit fee with lots of Environmentalists and Fit Ones hanging around, and you know they are pretty particular about their food. You might not be able to afford the quality they require, and their feedback will damage your business’s reputation.

The appeal of your food truck is also essential in locations with lots of Foodies, Tourists, Fit Ones, and Managers. They will not touch your food truck with a long pole if its appeal is low.

On the other hand, students and parents don’t care too much about the appeal of your food truck. As long as you offer great value for their money, they will stop over for a burger and also help build your reputation.

So, what’s the best location for your food truck? It all depends on the phase you are in your business. 😉

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