Hello, 👋

It’s another lovely Friday, and we definitely can’t wait to bring you up to speed on our development activities. We spent some time polishing the Financial Hub, and we thought you should see it.

The Financial Hub is the City’s lifeblood. Comparable to Wall Street, the location is packed full of hotshots in fancy suits and with fancy hair.

Most of the customers you’d find here are Managers, Staffs, and some Tourists. As the economic hotbed of the city, you can bet that the permit fee for a food stand would almost cost an arm and a leg.

If that’s not making it tough enough, the primary customer groups here are not the easiest to please. Managers are impatient with mediocre service, Tourists are fussy about food quality, and Staffs raise hell if your price is too high.

It’s generally not the best location for a new food truck business with limited funds trying to learn the ropes of the game.

A thorough understanding of the needs of these customer groups plus a sound grasp of your cash flow and inventory management is the only way to come out on top in the Financial Hub.

However, once you’ve got a good grasp of your business and how to satisfy your target customers, the Financial Hub could potentially be one of your cash cow locations. With three stand spots, the sky is truly the limit in terms of income.

After all, there aren’t many people in the city with as much money to burn as Managers when you can meet their demands.

That’s it for today. Cheers 🥂.

Don’t forget to Wishlist the game if you haven’t: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1429080/Business_Heroes_Food_Truck_Simulation/

Live Long and Prosper 👋,
Kunal & the team