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In the last episode, we looked at how to use upgrades to improve customer patience and reduce missed sales. Today you’ll discover how service speed upgrades can help improve employee speed, resulting in even more reductions in missed sales.

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Service Speed Overview

Employee service speed measures how long it takes a Stand’s employee to serve customers. For Stands with two employees, the Stand’s service speed is the sum of both employees.

Service speed is inversely proportional to the time ⌚ taken to serve customers (service time). As service speed increases ⏫, the service time reduces ⏬.

Here is how it looks on a graph:

Business Impact

Customers face either of two scenarios when they visit your food stand. It’s either there is a queue, or there isn’t.

If there is no queue, but the service time exceeds their patience, they will give a ‘slow service’ feedback after buying.

Reducing negative feedback with service speed upgrades in business heroes

When there is a queue, but they are getting served when their patience is exceeded, customers will only give a ‘slow service’ feedback if the wait time plus service time is more than their patience.

Slow service feedback negatively affects a food stand’s overall quality.

You can improve service speed through training, increased employee happiness, and stand upgrades.

For a deeper dive into the impact of training and employee happiness on service speed, you can read this episode on  service quality and this one on employee happiness.

Service Speed Upgrades

There are three food stand upgrades that help to improve employee efficiency, and thus service speed.

Here’s how they impact service speed:

Just like customer patience upgrades, service speed upgrades are stand-specific. You can see the full compatibility chart for the service speed upgrades below:

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Because the burger bike is incompatible with any of the service speed upgrades, owners will need to invest more in employee training and happiness to improve speed.

Achieving faster service speeds can maximize sales and reduce negative feedback by minimizing customer wait times. How you allocate resources to achieve this will depend on the truck you own, the empty upgrade slots available, and how much cash you have.

Still, you might need more than upgrades and training when targeting more affluent customers. You just might need to invest in a brand new truck.

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