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This week, we’d explore the worker 🧑‍💼 and vehicle 🚚 management aspects of the game’s redesign. You’d also get to see the latest version of the pricing user interface. 💰

While many players easily caught on to the different aspects of worker management in the initial design, some missed important values nested within the tooltips.💬 Some of such values include the impact of training 🏫 and salary 💵 on worker performance.

We’ve now improved the worker management view to show more important data. 🔢

Now, insights like the effects of training and salary on the worker’s performance are prominently displayed, facilitating more informed decision-making. 🤓

An interesting modification for worker management is the fact that training is now researchable, allowing for enhanced resource allocation decisions. 🤔

Vehicle Management 🚚

Another gameplay aspect where a number of players struggled during the playtest was with stand movement within and across localities.

To improve the experience, we introduced the vehicle management section into the new design. The upgrade ⬆️, movement, and sell stand functions are now grouped into one section.

While we were at it, we redesigned the stand movement function too. Here’s how the wireframe currently looks:

Now, whether it’s relocating your stand within a locality or branching out to a new one, the move is clearer and easier to complete.

And that’s not all. Due to popular request, we’ve also added the function to move your stand directly from the environment by clicking on an empty stand spot.

Finally, as promised, here’s how the pricing UI will look when all its core features are unlocked. 👀

For those who aren’t fans of the slider, you’ll also be able to set prices by typing your desired figures directly into the price bubble.

Pretty neat, right? 😊

As always, we are eager to read your contributions and get your feedback on these changes. You can share your thoughts by replying to this email 📧 or joining us on Discord. 👍

And that’s a wrap for today. Cheers 🥂

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Kunal & Team